This site was designed to highlight the efforts of organizations and individuals in Ontario who contribute to using up less of this planet. Our goal is to build momentum behind conservation – and to position Ontario as leaders in stewardship.

To that end, here are media highlights and contacts. Our hope is that you also connect directly with the video stars on our site – the people in our communities who make positive change possible every day.


weconserve is the brand name of the idea behind a growing movement in Ontario. It identifies a commitment to living lightly that will grow from community to community in the years ahead.

Conservation Council of Ontario

Established in 1951, the CCO's goal is to help Ontario become a conserver society. CCO designs programs to support change and reinforce widespread unity in action – thinking as a movement.

CCO has published the iconserve Top Ten Actions to help families and organizations focus their lifestyle change plans.

Programs: Green leader Program, Great Green Directory (online), weconserveTV

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  • Launched in April 2010
  • 81 videos as of Launch Day
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    LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests)

Individuals, classrooms, companies and communities are doing more and more for conservation every day. It goes beyond being green – it's about adopting conservation practices as part of everyday living, running a business or coming together in a community.

We believe there's a lot of conservation stewardship happening everywhere in Ontario. And we want to prove it by celebrating and showcasing the efforts people make.

This site was developed to be the single place where everyone can upload their ideas on video and share their good news with the rest of the province. Equally important, weconserveTV is also a place where concerned communities can expose excess consumption and poor stewardship of our shared resources.

The Momentum Meter on the home page will track results as videos are uploaded on the side of conservation or the side of consumption.