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1. The big idea. The first thing you need is work out what you want to say or show. Write an outline or a script. What's your main message? Are you celebrating a success. Or capturing a challenge or an issue in your neighbourhood. And if you want to sing and dance, that's okay, too.

2. Shooting. Next get your equipment together. Camcorder, cell phone, iphone, ipod, anything that can plug it into your computer.

3. Cast. Gather everyone together who is going to be in the video or recruit people to act in your mini movie.

4. Shotlist. Have a checklist of the different things you are going to video to keep you organized. And if you have movie editing software on your computer like iMovie or MovieMaker, you can string the video pieces together later.

5. Lighting. Have extra lighting, especially if your setting isn't a well-lit place.

6. Sound. Most cameras have a built-in microphone. But add a microphone if you want more sound and less background noise.

7. See more tips on youtube. Once your video is complete, you can then upload it.